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Hunk Rock has done productionfor West Coast mainstay LMNO of the Visionaries, Godforbid of That Handsome Devil & Alaskan Fishermen, Legendary punchline wizard Big Dese and Noelle from the power rock band Damone.

Hunk Rock's diversity of production can match any style or genre. If you are looking for beats for your next project, use the contact form below!

Partial Production Discography:

Dese "Still Rough" LP - 2019
Noelle X Hunk Rock "Dress You Up" Single 2019
"Monolith" (Godforbid & LMNO) EP - 2020
Egadz "Proper Nouns" LP - 2020
Hunk Rock "Tunnel of Love" LP - 2020
Hunk Rock X Egadz "Death to the Strangers" LP - 2020

Dese "Still Rough" 2019

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DJing & Custom Mixes

Hunk Rock is a full DJ and custom mix service as well. Whether you are looking for a live DJ for your wedding or corporate event, or just need an hour of classics personally mixed for a small gathering of friends, Hunk Rock has you covered. Use the contact form below for any questions or to book your event!

About Hunk Rock

Boston area-based producer, DJ & creator open to working with any genre of music and willing to work with many budgets. Whether you need a beat for your new album, a DJ for your wedding, or a custom mixtape for your family reunion, Hunk Rock is your one stop shop for everything music. 2020 is the year of the Hunk Rock takeover.

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